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Ann Casey

I’ve spent time in classrooms during most of the years of my life. I attended kindergarten through high school in Helena, Arkansas. College brought me to the University of Dallas where I studied psychology and English and got certified to teach. I taught at Irving High School from 1982 until 1989 when I began graduate school at Texas Woman’s University. Years of volunteering in my kids' schools followed, including leading Junior Great Books, Go Van Gogh, Art to Go, mentoring, and 12 years serving on the LISD Board of Trustees. I taught English IV and creative writing at McKinney North High School from 2008-2011. 2017-2018 was my first year at SCIS, teaching pre-AP 6th-grade ELAR. For the last two years I have taught SCIS 6th grade GT ELAR classes and am happy to return to that post again.

My family moved to Fairview in 1998. My husband David and I spend time in our yard together every day enjoying the wonders of nature and often cooking over a wood fire. My adult children Reo and Cameron live in Dallas. Reo is a singer, musician, and songwriter. Cameron is a playwright, actor, painter, and comedy improv performer.

Outside of school, I love to cook, take a long walk in my neighborhood almost every day, read books, plays, newspapers, and blogs, and write about life. I have written for the Dallas Morning News occasionally. Check out some of my columns:

I am growing along with my students.

Read aloud to your students.

I love libraries.

Please join me in being active in our schools. Public education flourishes with community involvement.


Phone: (469)742-8331