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Cynthia Anderson

A Quick Bio:
My name is Cynthia Anderson (parents, please feel free to call me Cyndi) and I teach 6th Grade GT World Cultures as well as 5th Grade American History. This is my 14th year teaching in Lovejoy ISD and my 17th year of teaching.  I have been blessed to do what I love every day.  I consider myself a lifelong learner and I endeavor to challenge myself in everything I do. In the first years of my teaching career, I taught English and Journalism. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism (TAMU '92) and I still love helping others to write.  You will find your student will need to use those writing skills in Social Studies and I look forward to helping them grow in this area.
On a personal note, my husband, Donnie, and I have four children.  The oldest is Camarie (25), the second daughter is Maddie (22), third in line is Abigail (21), and my baby boy, Connor, is now 14 and a freshman at Lovejoy High School.
I love to travel and complete service/mission projects.  I've helped run the Czexas Cross-cultural Camp in Czech Republic for twelve years. I've lived overseas in Singapore and Taiwan and I have a serious case of xenophilia. I believe our children need a knowledge of our world in order to be successful as an adult.
My Teaching Goals:
It is my goal to spark a passion for history, culture, and both national and global citizenship in my students.  Participating in the education of our future leaders is a huge responsibility and one I take very seriously. The next generation of leaders are in our classroom and I have faith in their future.


I believe in strong communication and partnerships between teachers, students, and parents, so I encourage you all to feel free to contact me by email or phone whenever you have questions or concerns.  As a parent myself, I want your child to have the best possible academic experience which is rigorous, relevant, and reflective.


I also believe in getting to know my students in depth.  The more opportunities the students and I have to connect, the better we can collaborate and learn together. 


Can’t wait to get to know each of you!