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Nina Hopkins

I attended Grapevine High School before moving to Austin waaaaay back in '92 to attend the University of Austin at Texas. I had LOTS of different majors during my three years at UT (IO psychology, Child Psych, Marine Biology, Fashion Design and Interior Design) before deciding that I was wasting my parents money and quitting college to get a job in the REAL WORLD. I worked as a Secretary, then Accounts Receivable, then Employee Trainer, and then Safety and Health Director for a semiconductor company in Austin. By the time I was twenty-six, I was very well paid and had the beginnings of an ulcer. At about the same time, my little sister was failing second grade. I was livid. I knew how smart my sister was and couldn't grasp how someone like her could be failing second grade. I was so incensed I started to get suggestions from family and friends that maybe that "new calling" I was looking for was teaching. I decided they were right, re-enrolled in UT, put myself through the remainder of my schooling and never looked back. In my 18 years, I've taught second grade through sixth grade, charter and public, general education and gifted/talented and special behavior unit, and I have indeed found my calling. In between reading, watching zombie movies and writing curriculum, I wake up each day SUPER excited to teach!
Tutoring for STEM Too isn't required, but students are welcome to work after school by appointment.
Pick up from tutoring is in the normal pick up line by the gym.
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