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          Odessa, Texas is where I was born and raised in the Friday Night Lights Permian Panther Football excitement! Though, I didn't play football, I knew I would always decorate with the colors black and white.. well, not really, but it was Mrs. Gaines, my second grade teacher, and also the wife of the Head Permian Panther Football coach, that switched on the light bulb that set the course for me up until this very day. Mrs. Gaines along with Mr. Ramirez, Mrs. McDonald, Mrs. Stoehr, Mrs. Willard, and so many other phenomenal teachers influenced me and encouraged me that I could do anything that I wanted in life. Little did they know, that I already knew sitting in that 2nd grade class that I wanted to be just like them and teach.

          I have been teaching 17 years! Three of those years were spent teaching 6th grade in McKinney at Faubion Middle School. This is my 14th year in Lovejoy and I'm teaching 6th grade SS.  I have taught 5th and 6th grade English and 5th grade SS in Lovejoy as well. Teaching is my passion!

         When I am not teaching, I spend time with my husband, Jason, and my two daughters, Bailey and Taylor, along with my dog, Snuggy. Bailey is a LHS Senior.. tear. She wants to pursue a career as a nurse practitioner. Taylor is in 9th grade at WSMS and hoping to play Varsity softball at LHS.  They are growing so fast that weeds can't catch up to them. I have heard the saying "in a blink of an eye they grow up." I intend to blink very slow!!

          I love to learn and I love to teach what I have learned.  I am inspired by determination and willingness to tackle challenges. 



Available Tutoring Times Face to Face: (by invitation only)

Mondays 2:55-3:30 pm

Room C505


Available Tutoring Times Virtual will be determined and planned with students individually based on availability.