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Library » ***Morning Announcements*** Be on our SCIS news!

***Morning Announcements*** Be on our SCIS news!

Want to be a part of our SCIS morning announcements? 

It's easy! 

5th & 6th grade are encouraged to participate

 The Sloan Creek Morning News airs bright and early each morning to help our campus start our day. The smiling faces of the Morning Crew appear for each student as we broadcast a prerecorded morning show that includes the pledges, birthdays, fun facts, school news and more! We love to highlight special events and celebrate our students and teachers.

 To become a part of our SCIS morning announcements  is easy!  Announcements for the beginning of our year will be done virtually with prereorded videos in flipgrid.  You can use flipgrid to record segments for our announcements.

 Watch everyday to see when you will be on!

Here are the announcements segments you can choose to participate in. 

Watch the announcements everyday to see when your segment will air!

Do as many segment types as you want!

You never know when your video will be the one on the morning announcements!

Introduce our broadcast

Good morning SCIS. My name is FIRST Name . I welcome you to Sloan Creek News. We are excited you are learning with us today. stay tuned for our morning announcements. 

Pledge of Allegiance

Pledge to the Texas Flag


Sing a version of happy birthday! 

Close our Broadcast

Remember to be awesome

Be kind

 Be you

 Today is a great day to have a great day


Fun Fact of the Day: Today is...

Sign up for a National Day: Fun Fact of the day segment HERE.

I will email you with your National Day and fun fact

You will Record your fact at least 3 days before the date. 

Title the video the National day and date. (National Dog day 8.26)

Hi my name is FIRST NAME. Now for our Fun fact of the day...

Wacky Wednesday Joke of the Day

Tell a funny school appropriate joke!

Now for your Wacky Wednesday Joke of the Day. I am FIRST NAME.

(tell Joke.... )hahah

Hope you have a laugh today.

Thoughtful Thursday

Share a quote, thoughtful thought, mindfulness tip or gratitude that would be beneficial for our school community.

"Hi my name is FIRST NAME, here is a thought for thoughtful Thursday...