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What Should I Read Next?
This website will help choose the book you should read next based on books that you like or have read recently. All you have to do is input the title of the book or the author's name.
Bluebonnet Award Nominees and Winners
A panel of librarians chooses books that have been published in the last year as exemplary books. In January libraries across the state of Texas vote to choose the Bluebonnet Award Winner. 
Maverick Reading List
The Maverick Graphic Novels Reading List was the brainchild of then library school students Alicia Holston and Tuan Nguyen, who both share a passion for reading graphic novels. With the help of librarians Renee Dyer (Weslaco ISD), Wylaina Hildreth (Denton Public Library), Laura Jewell (Plano Public Library), and Jennifer Smith (East Central ISD), the Maverick Graphic Novels Reading List was created and approved in 2009 to encourage young adult readers, grades 6-12, to explore a variety of current books in graphic novel format. The name, “Maverick” was chosen for this reading list because Texas was the first state to create a graphic novel reading list—we were the Mavericks in the field.
What's Next in the Series?
Not sure which book comes next in the series you're reading? Try this website!
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What Reading Superhero Are You?
Not quite sure what genre of book you might like? Try this quiz and get a list of books you might enjoy reading.