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Hello everyone my name is Jorge Jácquez School Marshal here at Sloan Creek. A little bit on myself. I'm in my 5th year in public education, while serving that time as a School Marshal. I have served in the U.S. Army for 10 years as a Military Police Officer, and currently an Active Duty National Guardsman for the U.S. Army.  I have also worked for the Juvenile Justice Department as a Detention Officer. I currently hold an active School Marshal license from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement. 
If you need anything throughout the year don't hesitate in contacting me or anybody in the school. We will be more than glad to help and answer your questions.
Thank you,
Marshal Jacquez
Standard Response Protocol (SRP)
Lovejoy ISD has adopted the Standard Response Protocol (SRP) for use during critical and emergency situations, and includes: Hold, Secure, Lockdown, Evacuate and Shelter. 
Lovejoy ISD has also adopted the Standard Reunification Model (SRM) for use during reunification of parents and students following an incident. 
District and campus personnel receive training on the SRP at the beginning of each school year.  Each campus also conducts specific emergency drills and training each semester, as well as fire drills throughout the year, to reinforce emergency preparedness. 
Down below is a SRP Handout that will provide more information.

Traffic Control at Sloan Creek


Sloan Creek parents’ gentle reminder to please follow the school drop off and dismissal routes. It’s imperative that we follow them if we want a safe environment. Please follow any directives from any Administrator, teacher, staff, or School Marshal. As we are trying to get you on your way as fast as possible.


  •     Mornings will start to get a little crowded as construction has started.
  •     Please put your phone down when in school zone as it’s against the law.
  •     Do Not use the bus lane if busses are unloading or loading.
  •     If you do not have a meeting or picking up student from the office, please use the dismissal line.
  •     Dismissal time - if your student is not in your vehicle when the line starts to move. Please head into the parking lot to wait for your student.
  •     Dismissal time – do not park in front of the school from 2:30pm and on as busses will be loading students and they will block you in.


Down below you will see the Drop Off and Dismissal maps.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me [email protected] or any administrator on campus.


Thank you for your cooperation and patience. Lovejoy ISD and Fairview PD are working diligently to get you out on your way as fast as possible.

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Jorge Jacquez
School Marshal