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Amy Daehnert » Amy Daehnert

Amy Daehnert

About me:  I am the lead SLP here at SCIS.  I've worked for Lovejoy ISD for 3 years and love my job.  I worked for Early Childhood Intervention and contract positions for almost the past 20 years as a speech therapist.  I live in Fairview and have a beautiful, wonderful family that includes my husband for 22 years, a 12 year old boy and a 10 year old girl.  I love to garden, exercise, spend time in the mountains, cook, and spend time with my friends and family.  
Education Background/Qualifications for position:  I graduated from Baylor in 1994 with my undergraduate in Communication Disorders and received my masters degree from University of Texas at Dallas in 1997.  I work hard at maintaining my 3 C's , which are necessary to be an active speech language pathologist.
What's a speech therapist do?  Good question!  We treat everything from articulation and language disorders to voice and fluency disorders.  We work on how to help someone's speech sound clearer and help other's with their ability to formulate sentences and work on how well they listen.  We teach some how to improve their social skills and others how to improve their ability to communicate effectively.  We even teach others how to communicate using augmentative communication devices or those who use hearing aids to help them hear better.  We serve a large population in many different ways--more than most know!!