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Mastery Club

This year in the Library and in class we will be beginning a new and exciting activity that will last us all year long, called Mastery Club. This is a club for students who are interested in achieving "above and beyond" the normal classroom expectations. Students learn all about the topic, and then submit the answers online during their recess or lunch break, or before or after school, or during their library time. Students will choose what challenge they would like to complete, from different levels of complexity, from Science, Social Studies, and English Language Arts and Reading Challenges that are aligned with their grade level TEKS. Students will begin on the Bronze Level, then as they progress they can move up to Silver and Gold Levels of complexity, based on performance on the lower levels. 
For more information see the fifth and sixth grade pages linked to the left or email me if you have any questions.
Happy learning,
Mrs. Emory